Slipcover Care

Even if you have a washable slipcover you may want to have it professionally dry cleaned. The body slipcover of a sofa is a fairly bulky load, requiring a "laundromat" type of washer. Should you choose to wash your slipcover, follow these instructions.

  • We suggest that you run the washer through a wash cycle empty before washing your slipcover -- just to be sure it is free of any detergent, bleach, or other impurities that might spot or stain the slipcover.
  • We also suggest that you wash the entire slipcover; washing only select parts may result in color variations on the piece of furniture (you may want to consider washing all pieces in the collection at the same time, i.e., wash the sofa, the chair and the ottoman covers at the same time -- again, to minimize color variations which may occur with washing).
  • Don't overload your washer. Separate the slipcover into two loads, washing the body cover in the first load and the cushion covers in the second load.
  • Zip the zippers (closed) on pillow and cushion covers to prevent damage when washing.
  • Use the gentle cycle on your washing machine. Use cold water and a mild detergent. Do not use a detergent with bleach or a bleach additive.
  • Remove the slipcover from the washer immediately at the end of the cycle. While air-drying is preferred, you can use the dryer - on the NO HEAT setting. Tumble dry until the slipcover is just slightly damp.
  • Put the Body slipcover back on the piece of furniture while still slightly damp - you may need to stretch it a little to get it back on. Putting the cover back on while it's still slightly damp ensures it will dry to fit.
  • Covers for the seat and back cushions and pillows should be replaced slightly damp as well. Stand the cushions on end, rotating them every 20 to 30 minutes until dry. This will prevent any water that may drain to one side of the cushion from sitting in one place and possibly causing a water stain.