Few furniture manufacturers have a past as rich as Rowe. Starting as the dream of two men in Virginia 60 years ago to our status today as one of the world’s most respected custom upholstery manufacturers, Rowe has not just been a part of history, we have earned experience from it. For over 60 years past and for many years to come, Rowe has earned the trust and captured the imagination, mood and eye of millions of customers the world over.

From opening the first Showplace Gallery of its kind, to developing Rowe University to educate our salespeople about what goes into everything that bears the Rowe name, to our commitment to being a standard bearer of eco-friendly manufacturing, Rowe has been an innovator, a visionary, and a company committed to listening to our customers and adapting to their needs.  All of which means that when you buy Rowe, you’re not just buying furniture. You’re buying the collective experience that can only be earned from selling and listening to customers for 60 satisfied years.


No two people see a sofa exactly the same. Just as no two people see a room exactly the same. This, you like. That, you don't. This feels like you today. That feels like you yesterday. That's a yes. That's a no.

Here at Rowe, ours is a mission of expression. Because furniture is an expression of you. It creates mood, captures individuality and connects people to the room.

Enter the world of expression that is Rowe. And if you don't see something that's uniquely you, chances are we can make it.

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